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Milky Way

The reality of the Universe is much more amazing than we can imagine

Imagine you are on a volcanic island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, now imagine that this ocean is the Universe of which we see a fraction of its surface. In the distance we see another island, it is the Moon and beyond we see another, perhaps larger but more distant … the Sun and small points that look like ships, or perhaps they are stars with other planets like ours.

You are there, enjoying a moment of peace from your busy life, under one of the best skies in the world to observe just that, the cosmic ocean that surrounds us, you will never be so close. How could you miss the opportunity to enjoy it?

From the deep Ocean emerge the Canary Islands and from its hearts Mount Teide, where myth and reality, stars and volcano live together.

AsterArk Team

In the depths of our being we know that we come from the Cosmos and we long to return, we are made of stars


The AsterArk Starlight Guides team is looking forward to accompanying you on this journey, where time seems to stop and enjoy with you an adventure that will not leave you indifferent.

The Canary Islands, located 28 degrees north of equator where the moisture-laden trade winds caress them, are a unique enclave for astronomical observation. From here we can enjoy all the northern celestial hemisphere and a big part of the southern hemisphere.

It is not by coincidence, but by causality, that two of the best astrophysical observatories in the world are located in Tenerife and La Palma.

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