Starlight Guides and founding Asternauts of AsterArk

As Asternauts we share a strong addiction to raise our heads and look at the sky on a clear night, away from the light pollution of cities.

A passion that moves us every time we go to the summits of our Islands to spend the night, sometimes with freezing temperatures, to simply enjoy the sky.

The Team

We are Raquel and Carmelo, Starlight Guides and founding Asternauts of AsterArk. This project born in Tenerife has been distinguished as a “Starlight Company”, certifying the quality and care with which we perform our services. All our Guides have been certified by the Starlight Foundation, we have professional instrumentation and we are actively committed to the conservation of the night sky and the defense of nature.

Astronomy teaches us that we are part of something bigger and incredible

Raquel Rodríguez and Carmelo González

AsterArk's founders

Our Philosophy

AsterArk is certified as a Starlight Company

What we are most passionate about is sharing our knowledge and this space with other people, who with their eyes and their mind give us another perspective, which perhaps has nothing to do with our personal understanding, but makes us ask ourselves new questions and other approaches that enrich us

ASTERARKRaquel Rodríguez - Carmelo González

Millions of eyes observe the sky every night

In 2019 we were officially authorized to lead guided tours at the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory on the island of La Palma. There we find the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GRANTECAN), the largest nocturnal instrument in the world in its category at the moment.

Observatorio del Roque de los Muchcachos

Discover the Dark Side with us from a unique place