El astroturismo es una forma de ocio que se encuentra en auge.

Astrotourism is a form of leisure that is booming.

Also called stargazing or astronomical tourism, astrotourism is a form of leisure that is on the rise, thanks to the fact that it allows you to enjoy the outdoors and contact with nature in beautiful night landscapes while we observe the stars.

It is considered a new form of ecotourism. It is sustainable, responsible, offers the possibility of experiencing new sensations and it is respectful with the destination while promoting the protection of its natural environment.

At AsterArk we advise you

In AsterArk we put our experience at your disposal to help you in the organization of events, development and execution of projects that enhance the value of the night sky as a sustainable tourism and socioeconomic resource of the place.

Events and thematic conferences organization

Social responsibility is becoming increasingly important for companies, which are aware of the value of their actions for their brand image. Customers appreciate these events and enjoy actively participating in them. Surprising them with recreational and cultural activities that generate a positive, enriching and environmentally sustainable experience is an original way to establish strong personal relationships and build customer loyalty.

A stargazing activity is a creative and memorable option that will demonstrate your commitment to good practices for the conservation of a sky free of light pollution and respect for the environment.

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Accommodation and other spaces thematization

A dark sky, free of light pollution, attracts scientists, photographers and groups of people who enjoy contact with nature and contemplation of the night sky, and who seek to combine leisure with the practice of their hobby. Taking advantage of the potential of the sky becomes a differentiating value against the competition, becoming a great attraction that will captivate your customers.

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Acquisition of astronomical material for themed spaces

Making the decision about which astronomical equipment to buy, from simple binoculars to a telescope, can become a nightmare given the wide offer on the market. For this reason, the first step would be to personalize the needs of each case and for this we make this service available to our clients.

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Having a favorable sky for astronomical observation and having a themed space where you can mount a telescope are recommended resources to have a positive astrotourism experience, but patience and time is also necessary to consolidate the necessary technical knowledge to make it constructive.

Our training service aimed mainly at the hostelry includes subjects such as the basic interpretation of the night sky, telescope handing and maintenance, fundamental tools to guide people interested in this type of leisure and offer the best service.

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Infrastructure and logistics advice for astronomical viewpoints

The astronomical viewpoints offer the opportunity to enjoy the sky in a place specially thought and designed for this purpose, either by locating it in an accommodation, a public space or a natural environment. Installing themed panels, indicating the cardinal points, pointing the direction of the North Star or adding telescope connections are some of the many options available for this type of spaces.

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Astrotourism promotion campaigns: photography, posters, brochures, videos and timelapses

The time is now, we will never stop traveling but no one can enjoy what they do not know. Most of the world’s population lives in cities with high light pollution that makes it difficult to distinguish the stars. A favorable enclave for the practice of astrotourism that can disseminate and enhance this resource, with the aim of improving its competitiveness in a globalized world, is an opportunity to attract and retain potential visitors and customers through the use of promotional campaigns.

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Sky quality studies

It is true that there are places where the sky is clear almost all year round, as in the areas where the Astrophysical Observatories of the Canary Islands are located. There are also places, when the clouds allow it, that allow us to enjoy a beautiful starry sky and others that can be improved. Characterizing sky conditions and lighting efficiency are some of the tools we use at AsterArk to measure its potential from an astronomical point of view.

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